College Exploration

We explain the confusing higher education matrix so students and parents gain an understanding of state colleges, state universities, private institutions, technical colleges, and community colleges We will detail the differences in majors, cost of colleges, educational rigors, and acceptance possibilities.

Application Process

We will explain each step of the application process; organize a deadline calendar, and track student progress.

Personal Statement and Required Application Essays

We lead the student down the path of selecting the right subject areas, assist them to develop their best work, provide critical expertise and grammatical corrections.

Financial Aid

We assist both students and parents with completing financial aid documents that could make a major impact on college selection.

Summer Internships and Educational Camps

We explain importance of selecting the right summer activities and will help search for the right experience

Assisting Students with the Community College Maze

Due to the recent budgetary situation, community colleges have seen an upswing in enrollments due to students being denied entrance to the college of their choice. We are experts in providing students with needed counseling services and strategies in order to transfer to the college of their choice in a timely manner.